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Alireza Kashian
Role: Founder / Project Manager
Interests: GeoBased services, Semantic Web, Knowledge Representation
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Alireza Kashian : Hideplex founder
What is Hideplex?

Hideplex helps you to send encrypted messages to your friends and family through email. Each time you send a message, your friend receives a message with a KEY (secret code), but he/she only can use the key to open the message once the Time for that message is arrived. It is like you talk today, but your friends will read it in future.

How to use Hideplex:

Simply fill up the form and click send. Don't forget to adjust Time Zone, Date and Time. If you are first time user, you need to verify your email before we send your message.

Tips for using Hideplex:
  • You want to tell somebody something today, but you can’t say it right now. Send it through hideplex, and set the reveal time for next week or month.
  • You want to predict a soccer game for next week. Send your predication today and set the reveal time for next week.
  • You need to share your secret information (like email passwords) with someone, so in case something bad happened to you, they can reveal your information.